Global Lingo are rejoicing this week due to the fantastic news that Scrabble has allowed a new handful of Yorkshire words to be used in the classic game. But the Leeds-based translation, interpreting and transcription company think it should have been more!

As well as new words from Devon, Cumbria, Lincolnshire and even the old enemy Lancashire, three words originating from Yorkshire have been added to those allowed.

  • Swaal – throw, chuck
  • Twag – play truant
  • Scaal – to spread over the ground (e.g. muck)

Richard Michie, Director of Marketing for Global Lingo said, “While Scrabble players will be rejoicing that they can finally use a Q and a Z in the same word, we’re a little disappointed that only three Yorkshire words were added. As a member of the Yorkshire Dialect Society, we’d obviously like to see more words associated with Yorkshire. It’s especially galling as Lancashire have the same number of words added – Yorkshire is clearly more important!”

Missing Yorkshire words

Words the company would like to see added in future editions of Scrabble are:

  • Gennil – an alley
  • Faffin – messing about
  • Nobut – nothing but
  • Reight – very
  • Thissen – yourself

Richard continued, “We’re really passionate about preserving the Yorkshire dialect. It’s a part of our past as well as our future. All language defines who you are and the Yorkshire dialect is no different. We are genuinely pleased to see more Yorkshire words, as well as the other dialects, allowed in the game and we’d love to hear if anyone manages to get them in a game.”

In addition to the Yorkshire words now able to be used in Scrabble, the following words from around England have now been added.


  • Zowpeg, Zowpig – woodlouse
  • Quaazy – unwell
  • Gleanies – guinea fowl


  • Darrack – a day’s work
  • Whick – living, alive; not dead


  • Marlock – to play, joke, prank
  • Meemaw – an antic, grotesque action, expression of freedom
  • Layrock – skylark or lark


  • Skelled – tipped
  • Arrad – tired
  • Splawder – to walk or run awkwardly and inefficiently, to spread over
  • Hotchin – a hedgehog
  • Gawster – to laugh helplessly
  • Nowter – a nobody, someone who does not count


  • Tizzick – cough
  • Pishamire – ant
  • Swidge – small puzzle


  • Stangy – tailor
  • Norration – confused noise, disturbance


  • Pogger – compulsive worrier
  • Boboy – human figure, scarecrow