Euro2012 is well under way and we’re at that stage of the tournament where teams are getting knocked out left, right and centre.

With 16 original finalists and 16 different and diverse mother tongues it’s interesting to see which languages get kicked out of the tournament along with their countries team.

Lets talk football…and languages: A daily update of who’s out of the game so far

    1. Croatia: Croatian
    2. Czech Republic: Czech
    3. Denmark: Danish
    4. England: English
    5. France: French
    6. Germany: German
    7. Greece: Greek
    8. Italy: Italian
    9. Netherlands: Dutch
    10. Poland: Polish
    11. Portugal: Portuguese
    12. Republic of Ireland: Irish (Gaelic)
    13. Russia: Russian
    14. Spain: Spanish
    15. Sweden: Swedish
    16. Ukraine: Ukrainian