Audio transcription is our bread and butter – you send us a recording, and our specialist transcribers listen to the recording and produce an exact transcription of the events, including who said what to whom. We can even include background noises and hand gestures (if the transcription is from a video clip).

Audio transcription is a very rare skill indeed

Pretty much everyone can type, right? Well, yes, but try typing and capturing a conversation between two people and ensuring you get all the details, while checking that all the grammar is correct as well.

Still sound easy? Now try it at a heated meeting with five or six people all talking at once. Our audio transcribers are trained to do just that, providing you with a completed document which gives a readable, actionable record of the meeting. You can then action the outcomes or publish the findings, safe in the knowledge that all the details have been accurately transcribed from the audio.

Audio transcription from any file type

The recording can be sent to us in a wide variety of ways but the most common is to send us a WAV or MOV file via email or FTP. Of course, we can also work with tapes, DVDs or other types of recordings for audio transcription.