We’re a language company, at our Christmas party the other night we had quite a heated debate about why certain words are seen as taboo. We’re a pretty multicultural team so there were a lot of opinions which made the discussion all the more interesting.

One of the things which we discussed was what would the next decade be called. As linguists we like to know how new words will develop, what sounds nice on the tongue, what terms sums up the way people feel? The choice of word, how it develops, who promotes it most to get it into common use? All these are interesting points. Why has this decade become known as the “Noughties”? Who decided that, where was it first used?

A quick Google search for what the decade will be called throws up a few options for the 2010’s.

  • Tweenies?
  • Twenty-Tens?

I like Tweenies, sounds nice on the tongue and easy to write and say. But what do you think? Let us know via our Global Lingo Twitter poll.