CSR is a pioneering designer and developer of silicon and software for the consumer electronics market. As part of their on-going development the company wanted to create a micro-site for their industry-leading aptX® technology.

CSR needed to launch the micro-site simultaneously in English, Japanese and Simplified Chinese – within a one month deadline.

The project involved creating a micro-site to highlight aptX® and bring the brand all under one roof. By combining newly written brand copy with existing product descriptions, videos, blogs and press releases, the micro-site would raise awareness of CSR’s market-leading offering to English, Chinese and Japanese speaking markets.

On-going communications

The project involved several organisations, so communication was vital. Twice weekly conference calls were held involving CSR, Global Lingo and CSR’s marketing agency and web developers to discuss major milestones, issues, developments and new learning.

In addition to these meetings the Global Lingo team were in constant contact with the marketing and web development agencies to resolve issues as they arose, without the need to involve CSR directly. This enabled the project to flow smoothly and avoid a bottleneck of endless meetings.

Delivering the project on-time

We’re pleased to say that the English, Chinese and Japanese versions of the aptX® website were published, as planned, on 30th December 2013.

Our team worked with CSR’s partners over the Christmas holiday sorting out last minute issues and adding up-to-date information.

Read the full of website translation case study here.