At the recent Yorkshire International Business Convention, guest speakers included Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, retail turnaround expert Mary Portas, and former Olympic athlete turned TV presenter Steve Cram.

Over the course of the day, they talked to a packed audience of businesspeople in Leeds discussing topics such as ethics, confidence, and new directions to take when running your business.

A friend of mine, Lee Jackson, was lucky enough to get a brief audience with the Dalai Lama, Mary Portas, and Steve Cram. He managed to grab a few moments with each to use as material for a magazine article he is putting together.

Lee kindly allowed us to use the interviews to demonstrate the difference between Verbatim Transcription and Tidied-up Transcription.

Aren’t Verbatim Transcription and Tidied-up Transcription the same?

Verbatim transcription catches every word, every pause, and every verbal stumble a speaker may make. Verbatim transcription is perfect at grasping the true context of a meeting, or in this case, an interview. The words are written exactly as spoken in a verbatim transcript.

Tidied-up transcription, on the other hand, removes all those stumbles and pauses that occur naturally when people are speaking. A tidied-up transcription gets to the core of the conversation and conveys the details accurately whilst editing out any extraneous language which isn’t adding to the transcript.

Make up your own mind whether you need verbatim transcription or tidied-up transcription

So you can see for yourself the difference between verbatim and tidied-up transcription, we’ve uploaded all the files here.