… If you notice them, they’re no good.

There is a saying among the translation community around the world that if you are aware that you are reading a translation, the translator did not do a good job. This is why translation is often an overlooked profession. Translators are amazing people who bridge the gap between different languages in different situations, to connect people and ideas.

A professional translator can be an accountant, IT support, manager, personal assistant, director, account manager, marketer and chemist during the same month. It all depends on the documents to be translated. However, many people tend to fail to notice the good work of a translator until they are hit by the negative effects of a mistranslation.

Translators quietly educate and inform people from all over the world on facts that could save their lives, directly, or indirectly. Here are four reasons why professional translation services matter.

Translation of technical manuals

Toasters, PCs, washing machines, cars, planes, and everything in between, all come with technical manuals. Even though the phrase ‘Carefully read the manual before you assemble/use the product.’ is well known, nobody cares about it until something bad happens – you don’t seem to figure out where to assemble a piece, or the product needs to be repaired. Only then the technical manual comes to the rescue.

Companies producing electronics, home appliances, and engines are usually big international organisations with distribution departments in many countries. To make sure all their clients understand how to use the products, they make the manuals in different languages. Who are behind of this? Translators, of course.

Medical translations

Whenever you get sick, the first thing to do is to go to a pharmacy and ask for some pills. Medicines today are produced in many different countries. Your prescription might include pills made in Malaysia or Argentina. Would you be able to read and understand the instructions on the medicine if it wasn’t translated into your language? Thank the translator next time you have a cold, for it’s because of him/her you know how to take your medicine.

Translation of marketing and product materials

If you have a successful business in your country and thinking you might also be successful abroad, you should put some serious thoughts in using professional translation services for your marketing strategy. Your hard-won image as a professional in your field might be ruined by a single mistranslated word. Only professional translators can express ideas, formulated within the framework of a particular culture and within a specific field, in another language, so that the message conveyed to the new target market remains the same.

Mistranslations can affect every company, big or small. One example is Pepsi. Find out why we care so much about translation quality.

Translation of legal documentation

We live in a society full of rules and regulations. When disputes arise or negotiations must be settled by speakers of different languages, things get more complicated. Written documents are used for better understanding, but they also come in different languages. Again, translators are the ones to make sure everyone is clearly understood everyone else in legal matters.

Translation services you can trust

The translation of documents, particularly in technical, medical, marketing and legal fields, is a linguistic minefield. Few words have precise equivalents in two different languages, which makes translation a job for professionals.

The vast array of specialist translators we work with means that we can translate into, or from, any language. All our translators are native speakers, with different sets of skills – so you can be sure that your translations will be perfect every time. With offices in London, Leeds, Singapore and Romania, we provide translation services all over the world.