As soon as I speak to someone about being a translation project manager their immediate reaction is “I don’t speak any languages” or “I can’t help. No one I know has any language skills”.

No language skills required

The irony is that to be a great translation project manager, you don’t need any language skills at all. The reason for this is that translation agencies, like Global Lingo, use professional translators and proof readers to carry out the actual translations. Translation project managers do just that, they manage the project and ensure that it is carried out by the best linguists available and delivered on time to our clients.

Of course having a love of language is a real advantage, but it’s not essential. What a project manager needs is an eye for detail, an understanding of quality processes, the ability to be able to juggle lots of projects at the same time and still hit the deadline.

Translation project managers

Translation project managers wanted in Leeds

We’re currently looking for Translation Project Managers and Translation Project Administrators to join our team in Leeds. We’re looking for creative people who can use their common sense and agile mind to enable Global Lingo to continue to deliver the highest quality translations possible.

If you’ve got the right skills, passion and drive then get in touch, you could discover a whole new career you never knew you had the opportunity to have.

The roles we’re looking to fill are:

Take a look at the job descriptions and please get in touch.

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