Employment tribunals are on the increase and the cost to UK companies is escalating. The highest recent award following a tribunal was a huge £181,754. Organisations going through restructuring to save costs can ill afford lengthy tribunals and expensive settlements, so mitigating their exposure is vital.

Between April 2010 and March 2011 there were 382,400 employment claims made, according to HM Courts and Tribunals Service. Of these 107,072 were for redundancy, unfair dismissal or breach of contract. The service also handled 2,048 appeals over the same period.  This all adds up to a great expense of time and money when British business can scarcely afford it.

Global Lingo’s transcription services help to reduce a company’s exposure to these costs by ensuring that HR meetings are accurately transcribed so grievance proceedings are resolved without the need for a tribunal. In cases where proceedings are still brought, our detailed and independently created documents help our clients gain a more satisfactory outcome and reduce the number of appeals.

Cut the cost of employment tribunals to your company by having accurate records

It’s easy to see that not following the correct procedures when handling grievance proceedings can cost a whole lot of time and money. One of the key points raised time and again is that accurate and independent minutes were not kept of meetings, so parties cannot confirm what was said to whom when.

As with any conversation each side will have different views of what was discussed and agreed once meetings have concluded. Any vagaries  on either the part of the claimant or the defending company will be exploited when it comes to a hearing, so having a detailed set of minutes of the meeting is vital to stopping tribunals being brought and ensuring claims are dismissed should they be raised.

Detailed transcription is proven to cut costs

Many of the UK’s leading companies already understand the value of transcribing these meetings. Their HR teams employ Global Lingo’s expert writers to attend internal grievance meetings and produce detailed transcriptions of the proceedings. Using our services also means that records of these highly sensitive meetings are kept confidential and secure because they are produced independently.

Our highly accurate documents have saved our clients literally millions in claims and long drawn-out legal cases.