prIME Oncology specialises in educating physicians on new developments and techniques for treating and combating cancer. Ensuring that this new information is disseminated directly to medical leaders around the world as quickly and accurately as possible is vital work.

The organisation provides a wide range of live and pre-recorded content, which includes articles for peer review, monographs, webcasts and interviews with top oncologists.

prIME Oncology takes these highly detailed discussions and seminars and uses them as the basis for peer-reviewed journal articles, and for a whole host of other uses. To achieve this, they have their events transcribed so that the discussions can be repurposed as information for oncologists, researchers and journalists around the world.

Poor quality transcripts potentially endangering lives

The organisation was already using a transcription company, but had issues with the quality of the documents they were receiving. Transcripts would be delivered littered with errors that had to be corrected internally, creating a delay in providing vital, potentially lifesaving information with the oncology/haematology professionals who needed it.

Global Lingo came up with the perfect customised transcription solution.

“We love working with Global Lingo. We know that we can trust the product that we get back and their quick turnaround, paired with their consistently accurate transcription, allows us to provide extremely short release timelines on some of our most important educational activities. Working with Global Lingo has really provided our content team with a helpful tool with which to strengthen the final product they put out.”