Since setting up Global Lingo, I have been overly reliant on my Blackberry. That doesn’t mean to say that I’m a blackberry bore – someone who relies so much on theirs that they are quite happy to interrupt a conversation to read a new email that has just magically arrived. I am more of a discreet user, but definitely a regular one. The thing is, without my blackberry, I don’t think my company would be in existence today. It has been that important. And the single main thing that makes it so important is the push email system, that sends all work emails to the device, usually within 5 minutes of receipt on the office computer. This means that I can be virtually anywhere in the world (provided they have phone reception) and I can read and reply to client/supplier emails, as if I were in the office. On top of that it has the obvious benefits of phone, camera, internet, etc.

I think if I was employed by someone else, I would be fairly reluctant to take on holiday a blackberry, knowing full well that it would annoy me, the wife and anyone else around you. But when it is your own company, it’s a different kettle of fish. Bring the blackberry, or watch your company fold!