With the opening of our Singapore office we now offer our translation, interpreting and transcription services from our dedicated office to a whole new continent. As we’re a language company we thought it would make sense to let you all know a little more about the people and culture of Singapore. So here’s a little history lesson.

How Singapore got its name

The beginnings of Singapore come from the mists  of Malay legend. Back in the 14th century a Sumatran Prince named Sang Nila Utama visited the island and was confronted by a beast that resembled a lion. Taking this as a good omen, the prince created a new city on the spot, changing the name of the island from Temasek to Singapura. In Sanskrit, “singa” means lion and “pura” means city.

Today the symbol of the Merlion – a mythical creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish – is a reminder of Singapore’s early connections to this legend and the seas and can be seen in several places around the island.

We’re sure that the Merlion will give our team all the luck they need to make the new Global Lingo office in Singapore a massive success.