The Moroccan Market of Handicraft is set to return to Leeds, arriving on Wednesday the 23rd May and brightening up Briggate for 5 days leaving on Sunday.

Moroccan market

Fulfilling Aziz’s dream

The market is the result of Aziz Afkir fulfilling his dream, of bringing the sun, along with a sense of vibrancy, culture and the arts from his native land to the UK.

The market enables visitors to experience firsthand, the spectacular variety and quality of, the product of Moroccan artisans working in their traditional style.

Moroccan style

These master artisans are the messengers of Moroccan heritage. They represent designers and creators who have passed their expertise down the generations.

The artisans continue to develop and evolve their skills and talents, creating the perfect balance of authenticity and modernity, whilst offering products that reflect the beauty of their skill.

A chance to taste Morocco

The Moroccan market enables you to experience the country directly, by soaking up the atmosphere while admiring the beautiful bright colours, set amongst the Moroccan Berber tents with a Moroccan Gnawa band playing.

The market offers an array of traditional artisan products from pottery, ceramics and paintings to handmade scarves, jewellery, carpets and leather goods. The traditional Moroccan foods, herbs and spices will also be available along with Moroccan cakes, pastries, nuts and sweets enabling us to have a real taste of the countries roots.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity

Whether you’re on your lunch break, or just passing by the centre of Leeds, go to Briggate, experience the Market and gain a sense of Morocco.

With the weather on our side, it is the perfect excuse to get out of the house, or office, and bask in the colourful atmosphere of the market.

Talk to the traders about their traditions, lifestyle, culture and language. You never know it may just inspire you. I’m travelling to Morocco in July so I’m going on Thursday to ask the traders questions, mingle and get a feel for the magical Morocco.

Opening times

  • Wednesday 23rd May — Saturday 26thMay  10 am–7 pm
  • Sunday 27th May  11 am–5 pm

What a wonderful way for the people of Leeds to see a bit of the world without leaving their country.