Yes it’s that time of year again, the Eurovision Song Contest is being held this weekend in Oslo and you can bet that this years contest will be chock full of some of the wackiest songs from all over Europe.

But what will they mean when translated into English?

We  luckily they are all translated not that that helps a great deal as a lot of the lyrics don’t make any sense when translated into English anyway. Here are a few examples, see if you have any idea what they are about.


Milan Stankovic – Song: Ovo Je Balkan

Oh, Ljubica, Ljubica!
Your chest is tempting me
You kiss me so sweetly
You have no shame
Belgrade, Belgrade!
I’m so naughty
Not once, not twice, but three times!
Belgrade, Belgrade!
We kiss three times here

Here’s the video

Erm yes… at least we can see where Milan is going with that. How about this one?


Peter Nalitch & Friends – Song: Lost And Forgotten

(Singer A) What are you doing, man?
(Singer B) I’m looking at her photos. What should I do with them?
(Singer A) Drop them into the fire!
(Singer B) Oh yeah! I’m gonna burn ’em now!

Here’s the video

Oh right, a little darker and more disturbing this time. Lets see what the Germans have?


Lena – Song: Satellite

I went everywhere for you
I even did my hair for you
I bought new underwear that’s blue
And I wore it just the other day

Oh well that was pretty unexpected too.

Here’s the video

If all that’s not enough then you can check out all the entrants on the Eurovision Song Contest site.

And if you’re feeling nostalgic check out this site with full translations for nearly every Eurovision Entry ever made.