Anyone who has wandered unexpectedly into a conversation about golf finds out very quickly there is a language golfers speak which is a little hard to understand for a newcomer to the game. If I said to a friend:

“You should have seen this shot I hit on number 12 today. I had 220 to the stick and I hit this towering, high cut with my 5-iron that took one bounce and then checked up and left me a tap in. The whole day was like that; I was knocking down flagsticks it was like I was playing darts out there. My irons were totally dialled in!”

A lot of people might be curious what I just said. Translated this means:

“I hit a five iron shot from 220 yards to the hole on number 12 that ended up very close to the hole. I hit good iron shots all day.”

Context and true meaning are key aspects of any professional translation service and providing a high quality service.

The “English to English” translation above highlights the challenges in conveying the correct message. As Machine Translation (MT) tools continue to improve, can they ever really provide a true, accurate and high quality solution to businesses that require such a service?

Take the “source” text above and ask Google to translate it into French, then ask for a back translation to English:

“You should have seen this photo I hit number 12 today. I had 220 at-bats and I hit this massive, high cut with my 5 iron that took a bounce, then checked and gave me a tap in. The day was like that, I was struck by flagsticks it was like I was playing darts there. My irons were totally composed!”

Admittedly, this is an extreme example and it would be foolish to attempt to convince people that the translation above represents a typical MT tool solution. It does however highlight the plain and simple fact that Machine Translation tools aren’t good enough to provide a truly professional service, sometimes not even just a correct meaning.

Global Lingo only uses the best professional linguists to provide our high quality translation services. No gimmicks, no short cuts, no machines. That’s why our service is second to none, every time.