LiveReview Technology Overview

Introducing LiveReview – a feedback tool enabling real-time two-way conversation, whilst eliminating the need for back and forth emails.

Global Lingo utilises the industry-leading XTM to power our TMS (Translation Management System) platform and to manage our projects and operational processes. Our TMS allows us to process different file formats in the most efficient manner, with little or no manual input. This includes all Microsoft Office, Google Docs and similar, complex eLearning courses and the various files involved, tagged content exported from databases (websites, product catalogues etc.), as well as designed document files such as CAD, InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.

Files are handled securely end to end and file processing is automated as much as possible, ensuring file structure isn’t accidentally altered or corrupted. This means translated files will behave exactly as expected when used, which is especially important for software, website, eLearning and e-Commerce localisation.

Processing is done efficiently, removing unnecessary manual steps and automating stages. This means our Project Managers and linguists can focus their time more on the quality assurance stages.

Service features and benefits

  • LiveReview – Translation and review can be performed online in a live environment which is accessible by both our clients and our linguists.
  • The integration of a translation management system with our client portal, GloZone, provides us with a comprehensive tool to manage the entirety of the translation process, from client request to delivery of the translated content.
  • Translated content will be safely stored online and is readily available for future use.
  • The ability to develop fully customisable workflows means Global Lingo can cater for complex content translation requirements involving multiple version stages and rounds of sign-off or review.


Thanks to the integration with GloZone, clients can upload content, and this can be fully managed until delivery without ever leaving our secure online platform. Our TMS offers a variety of features which increase productivity for internal processes and linguists, as well as for clients, such as:

  • Easily customisable automated workflows, where the content will move through the production steps without the need for micromanagement.

Example: Once the translator completes their task, the translated content will be pushed automatically to the proofreader. The proofreader will receive a notification and will be able to access the content for review. Project Managers will be able to supervise the entire process by simply checking the status of the project on the TMS itself. For a client this means the ability to follow each step and collaborate where necessary, if desired.

These interactive live previews of the content (LiveReview) allow linguists and clients to translate and review in context simultaneously. This is particularly useful where client reviewers would like to be involved and discuss with our translators. This is facilitated through a simple way of sharing screens, examples and notes in a collaborative manner. This ensures reviewers can spend less time reviewing, amending and signing off translations.

This leads to a more efficient, streamlined and prompt service for clients. Customisable workflows will support review cycles where one, two or more stages of review and sign-off are required.

Live Chat features also allow more active real-time collaboration to achieve higher consistency from the outset. This is especially beneficial during projects with high volume and tight deadlines when multiple linguists are involved, allowing Global Lingo linguists to collaborate in a more effective manner.

Technology behind LiveReview

XTM, the software behind our TMS platform, is the world’s leading cloud-based enterprise Translation Management System (TMS) with integrated Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools. This enables us to offer you LiveReview.

LiveReview assists any international L&D team in creating better local content for global learners. It helps provide a collaborative online environment to streamline, and make transparent, the challenging process of localizing your learning content. Connecting professional specialist translators with your own native SMEs, the platform supports an intelligent two-way conversation to refine translations and ensure high-quality localization output; therefore, guaranteeing more successful learning outcomes for your global audience.

To see how our translation management system and LiveReview can help streamline the localisation process of your projects and help improve consistency, visit our case study section.

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