Training and knowledge-sharing has never been so important. It gives your team members the tools they need to work more effectively, to enhance their skills and to increase their job satisfaction.

The growth of global business means that knowledge-sharing doesn’t just happen in the office or at an annual conference any more. It happens in real time online and on mobile devices across national and global boundaries.

eLearning translation brochure

The speed and convenience of this new approach to learning presents certain issues in need of sound solutions.

For example, how do you ensure that the training being delivered abroad is consistent with the programme at home?

And can you be sure that the technology being used will work as required?

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Global Lingo has a great deal of experience in translating eLearning programmes and, as with everything we do, the service is designed to be comprehensive, totally flexible and cost-effective.

Our guide – Any Subject. Any Language. Any Device – gives you more background information on the procedures we follow, the software we can work with and details of how we support you and your teams through the process from beginning to end.

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