Unless you’re living in a bubble, you’ll have noticed the rise of social media – Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc (there are hundreds of them). Because of the number of these it can be difficult to work out whether you should use them as part of your business plan or save them for your private life.

While some sites are more suited to business than your personal life, the lines are blurring. And the reason, I think, is that the first place people look for anything is the internet. It used to be Google was the first place to start, but that was when the web was such a huge place you had no choice. But now that the web has made great moves into connecting people and not just sites, people are using it in different ways.

The social web is now used to spread word of mouth. The curious thing is that this means we’ve come full circle. Years ago word of mouth was the only way you’d find anything. Then advertising was invented and a few companies could afford to tell you about their products. Then the internet allowed everyone to tell everyone about their services (it got pretty noisy then, and still is). Now social media means that it’s the customers who are in charge and you’ll need their permission to talk to them. And the only way you’ll get that is to be where they are and allow them to engage with you.

So which sites should your business be on? Well the easy answer is the most popular ones – Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. Oh yes and you need your own blog. Then what you need to do is knit them all together. Speak like a human and join in the conversation. That’s what we’re trying to do at Global Lingo, I hope you’ll take a little time to listen to us and we’ll listen back.

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