Seth Godin is one of my heroes. I just read a great post of his Hire an Architect. He eulogises about not creating the building blocks of a business but working to design one using the best skills you can find and employing experts to do specific projects and tasks.

Organizational architects know how to find suppliers, use the cloud (of people, of data, of resources), identify freelancers, tie together disparate resources and weave them into a business that scales. You either need to become one or hire one. – Seth Godin

I loved this blog post because it describes exactly what we’re trying to achieve here at Global Lingo. We’ve built a team of translators, interpreters and transcribers who we can rely on to deliver perfect language services to you. We work in the cloud utilising all the best features the web has to offer, this means that we’re not tied down to legacy systems or outdated technology. What this means for you is that you can be assured that we don’t load the costs of having these systems on to your prices.

It also means that we can be flexible to ensure we match your needs, not have to make your needs fit the way we’ve always worked. Translation, interpreting and transcription are human process (we never use machines) so by utilising the web the way we do we can ensure that our technology gets out-of-the-way of our team but aids them where it’s important.

Let Global Lingo be your Architect

Look we can’t design or build a house or office but what we can do is be the architect for your language needs. There’s no point you building your own team of linguists and looking for project managers who can handle all the issues for you – we’ve already done that.