Verbatim Transcripts

Our Verbatim transcripts will capture every utterance exactly as spoken, down to the last word, with a focus on accuracy and precision. These transcripts preserve the purity of intent behind a speaker’s statements for those occasions where every detail is of critical importance. The words are written exactly as spoken, with the only omissions being mm’s, ah’s, and mm-hmm’s. We use a light editorial touch, to capture spoken hesitation and emphasis on the page using punctuation.

Tidied-up Transcripts

This is also known as ‘intelligent verbatim’ – the distinction between the spoken and written word, for any event where the document may be used for publication. Tidied-up transcription removes all stumbles and pauses that occur naturally when people are speaking. A tidied-up transcription gets to the core of the speaker’s points and conveys the details accurately, while omitting redundancies and editing out obvious mistakes.

Our Verbatim service is recommended for any event where it is important, for legal reasons, that the text reflects exactly what was said – the document is required to quote all or part of a proceeding:

  • Legal hearings
  • Regulatory meetings
  • Employee relations hearings
  • Annual General Meetings

Our Tidied-up service is recommended for meetings and events such as:

  • Financial results presentations
  • Analyst and media presentations
  • Press conferences
  • Town hall meetings
  • Industry roundtables
  • Conferences with high profile speakers

Whilst we understand that our clients frequently require control over, or an exact knowledge of, what was said by the speaker, we would usually recommend our Tidied-up transcript service, with a user-friendly and easy to read document.

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