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Market research interpreting / simultaneous translation

In the market research sector, professional interpreters play an important role in ensuring that information is accurately conveyed between different parties. This is especially important when conducting international market research, as language barriers can often make communication difficult.

Two global lingo employees working together

How interpreting is used effectively in the market research sector

An interpreter’s role is to act as a mediator between two people who do not share a common language, enabling them to communicate with each other effectively. This is done by listening to what is being said in one language and then translating it into the other language, ensuring that the meaning is conveyed accurately.

In the research and insights sector, interpreters can be used in a number of different ways. For example, they can be used to conduct interviews with respondents who do not speak the same language as the researcher. This ensures that the interviewer is able to understand what the respondent is saying and also allows them to ask follow-up questions if necessary.

Interpreters can also be used to facilitate focus group discussions. In a focus group discussion, a small group of people are brought together to discuss a particular topic. This can be an effective way of gathering market research data, as it allows for a more open and frank discussion than might be possible in a one-on-one interview setting.

In order for interpreters to be used effectively in the research sector, it is important that they are chosen carefully. They should be native speakers of the languages they will be interpreting and should have experience in market research. Additionally, it is important to choose an interpreter who is familiar with the culture of the country where the research is being conducted, as this can help to ensure that they are able to accurately convey the meaning of what is being said.

Advantages of market research interpreting

Ensuring accurate communication

This is perhaps the most important advantage of using an interpreter in market research. They can ensure that information is accurately conveyed between different parties, preventing any misunderstandings that could potentially lead to inaccurate data.

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Facilitating open discussion

In a focus group discussion, an interpreter can help to facilitate open discussion by ensuring that all participants are able to understand each other. This can lead to more frank and honest discussions, which can provide better quality data. Without an interpreter, some participants may feel inhibited from speaking openly.


Using an interpreter allows for a degree of flexibility that might not be possible if only one language is used. For example, if a focus group discussion is being conducted in multiple languages, an interpreter can switch between languages as necessary. This can be beneficial if there are participants who are more comfortable speaking in their native language.

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Using interpreting services can often be more cost-effective than conducting market research in multiple languages. This is because it eliminates the need to hire separate researchers for each language, as well as the costs associated with translating materials.