Why do e-Learning companies choose Global Lingo?

With our wealth of industry knowledge built up over more than a decade, Global Lingo is the industry leader in providing translation and localisation solutions for the E-Learning sector. We work closely with e-learning content companies, learning technology companies and internal Learning & Development (L&D) departments to localise corporate training courses and Learning Management Systems (LMS) for use in local markets. Whether training is delivered via PowerPoint incorporating audio and video, or using the latest “off-the-shelf” or custom-built (e.g. Flash, HTML, and HTML5) E-Learning authoring tool to create a highly interactive course.

We provide end-to-end localisation services:

  • E-Learning course translation
  • Translation reintegration, course rebuilding, and testing (any device)
  • Video, audio, and animation voice-over and subtitling
  • Translation of computer-based testing (CBT), qualifications, and other course materials
  • LMS and software localisation
  • Website/client portal localisation
  • Transcreation for marketing and sales materials
  • Transcription for audio or video

From our track record working with some of the world’s leading learning and training companies, we have optimised how to:

  • Effectively manage multiple linguistic and client stakeholders
  • Minimise client input for managing translations
  • Incorporate multilingual quality assurance and testing
  • Avoid SMEs having to request multiple amendments at Beta stage

By selecting the right linguists, multimedia specialists, and experienced file engineers, we work closely with your subject matter experts (SMEs) and instructional designers to ensure that the learning objectives are achieved across all languages.

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