Every year, companies give and receive hundreds of Christmas cards to their clients and customers alike, but sadly these are thrown out at the end of the season as the New Year arrives.

Christmas trees wrapped

This year Global Lingo has stepped away from the crowd and sent a Merry Christmas message with a mini Norway spruce Christmas tree. Completely eco-friendly and contained within a 100% recyclable plastic tube, the little tree seemed like the perfect gift to send.

Director of Marketing and Operations, Richard Michie came up with the concept of sending real trees after years of feeling dissatisfied with sending cards:

“The idea to send trees was a natural one. Year upon year we have sent Christmas cards and as a green company we just wanted to give something back. Through planting these trees, our clients can actively help lower their carbon footprint, which is such a positive act, especially around Christmas”.

Christmas trees open

A Big talking point…

There’s no doubt that the trees have got people talking, with companies already returning compliments to Global Lingo for their latest additions to the office. With the trees being completely consumer and environmentally friendly, they are a fantastic guilt-free gift to send at Christmas – especially as the company also opted to place a QR code on some of the lucky saplings, redirecting clients to an extra special surprise on the company website.

So with their apparent success, it is clear that the little trees have provided much Christmas cheer and, unlike a Christmas card whose enjoyment is only short lived, the trees will continue to spread good will well into the future.