Marina Mann – Global Marketing Manager

My name is Marina Mann and I am Global Lingo’s new Global Marketing Manager. I joined the company in May this year and am very much enjoying the many ways I can make a difference on a global level within the company. From brand consistency to digital improvements and event planning – there is no stopping me. I am excited to see what the future holds and am truly grateful to be a part of Global Lingo’s journey.

I am originally from Germany (although most people don’t believe me) and left about 12 years ago to study in the UK. From the moment I boarded that plane, I knew I wasn’t going to return for more than a visit. And meeting my English boyfriend at university, I had even more reason to stay. We now have a house in beautiful West Sussex; I am no city girl, having grown up in the German countryside.

I am a trained Interpreter and Translator for French and Spanish (BA) and have an MSc in International Marketing. Both of which I completed in the UK with a year spent abroad, studying in Lyon, France and Alicante, Spain. This set me up for 6 years in both the language service industry, as well as a high-paced marketing agency environment.

I speak a total of 7 languages – German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Japanese – the first four of which, I consider myself to be fluent in.

In my spare time I am an avid snowboarder and can be found at least once a year on the slopes of Banff, in the Canadian Rockies. I love to travel with my boyfriend – from Japan, to Mauritius, to our latest adventure coming up this autumn in the Maldives – and there is plenty more to see in this world!

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Minute Taking

Global Lingo is the leading provider of high-quality, expert minute taking and transcription services at an international scale. Taking minutes in meetings, whatever the sector, can be a complex process dependent on pre-planning, acute concentration and a masterly writing technique.

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Language barriers can be problematic, especially in an international organisation with offices across the globe. For these situations, we can provide different interpreting services – for instance, simultaneous, consecutive and remote interpreting – to overcome this linguistic barrier.

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