Prêt Foundation - donation

The Pret Foundation hosted its annual Grand Auction on 1st March 2019, boasting some extraordinary donations.

Julian Metcalfe and Sinclair Beecham (founders of Pret) set up the Pret Foundation in 1995. It is funded by donations made from the sale of some of Pret’s products, plus generous contributions to the collection boxes in their shops.

The Annual Grand Auction supports this further, and this year Global Lingo contributed by donating a mint-condition white Fender Stratocaster signed by none other than Bryan Adams.

A true piece of pop-culture memorabilia.

The item sold as Lot 18 of the auction and went to the Head of Logistics and Supply of Pret – congratulations!


With 2019 being a focus year for Global Lingo in terms of Corporate and Social Responsibility, visit our CSR page to view the other initiatives planned for the year and to see the amazing things done in years past.