We recently carried out a study which revealed that workers failing to take minutes properly could be costing UK businesses up to £3.7bn each year. The most common mistakes made by workers include attempting and failing to write down key information and not being able to read their own handwriting.

These worrying findings highlight the fact that businesses undervalue the importance of accurate minute-taking.

Of the people we spoke with, 54% stated that they are asked to minute-take on at least a weekly basis. 90% claimed that they ‘regularly’ took minutes either poorly or incorrectly.

We also asked how much time in a typical working week they spent deciphering or fixing poorly or incorrectly taken notes. The results, per employee, revealed that on average they spent 32 minutes correcting every document.

The median hourly UK wage is £11.21, meaning the average employee wastes roughly £280 a year sorting out internal minutes.

When you consider that 62% of full-time employees in the UK – roughly 21,702,900 people – claim to take notes at work, it’s not much of a stretch to see that poor minute-taking could be costing UK employers around £3,725,641,350 per year.

We also asked what the most common minute-taking errors were and what impact this had on the business.

The top five minute-taking issues were:

  • Attempting to write down every spoken word and not being able to summarise efficiently – 58%
  • Keeping notes in various different places – 44%
  • Being too wary or intimidated to ask colleagues or co-workers to slow down or repeat something when missed – 32%
  • Not making appropriate headings or sub-headings and therefore forgetting the general topic – 24%
  • Minute-taking in such a rush the handwriting is indecipherable – 16%

Why use a minute-taking service?

Companies who outsource their minute-taking to Global Lingo don’t experience the problems outlined in our research. Our writers are highly proficient at ensuring that every single detail of your document is perfect, including: complete and accurate content, correct attributions of speakers, grammatical and well-formatted text and researched acronyms and/or technical language.

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