For several years I worked at various marketing agencies. After each client meeting, as the account manager I would have to type up the dreaded contact report.

All the agency staff hated this necessary evil. The rule in these agencies was that these reports had to be with the client within 48 hours of the meeting.

Sitting in a meeting, conference or presentation trying to add valuable insight or take in a client briefing whilst taking minutes accurately is nigh on impossible.

Minute taking is a job no one wants to do

In the busy atmosphere of an agency getting the time to sit and type up the minutes and action points from meetings was a really tough call.

Add to this unwanted pressure the fact that minutes would be binding in the event of a dispute, and you can see that minute taking became a job nobody wanted.

Even if we’d been able to record our meetings, someone would still have to type up and format the document, no one “had the time”. Minute taking was the bane of the account manager’s working lives.

If only there was an easier way?

Well you guessed it, there is! You can outsource minute taking to Global Lingo. No matter what the meeting, where in the world it is, public or private, we can take and produce your minutes for you in the exact format you need and to your deadline.

So, if like me, you need your minutes turned around in 48 hours, then that’s what our minute takers will do.

The advantages of outsourcing minute taking are obvious

  • No one in your office will be taken away from their normal duties:
    Meaning that they can concentrate on making your business money.
  • The minutes will be accurate:
    Meaning that your company can action the points decided in your meeting.
  • Your minutes will delivered when you need them:
    Meaning you can act quickly.
  • You only pay for the minute taking service when you need it:
    Meaning your company can be far more efficient

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