The Global Lingo team

Our ever growing team is spread around the world in our global offices. Dedicated, talented and hard working, we are proud of every one of them and the work they produce on behalf of our clients.

Global Lingo Employee Tania Giacomelli

Welcome to the team!

Tania Giacomelli

Project Manager / Argentina

Tania joined Global Lingo in 2022 and has over 7 years working in Operations and Training in other Language Service Providers, as well as Translator and Subtitler, which enhance her overall management qualities. Tania is skilled at building relationships with clients and other linguists, and she has a strong passion for languages and cultures.

Welcome to the team!

Salma Kamal

Project Manager / Egypt

I’m Salma Kamal, a new project manager in Global Lingo. I’m excited to be a part of the Global Lingo team after 5-years of experience in the localisation industry.

I fell in love with project management in the language service industry while studying Spanish & Turkish translation.

I love learning, taking on challenges, travelling, dancing, music, driving, swimming, and cooking. I hope to travel to many countries, see many new places and meet new people from different cultures while tasting new culinary dishes.

salma kamal - global lingo