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Secret Santa Gifting Guidance

By |5th December, 2016|Categories: Global Lingo Blog|

The possibility of offending, ridiculing, disappointing or embarrassing your colleagues with an inappropriate Secret Santa gift this Christmas far outweighs the chances of impressing or landing a promotion. Here is some gifting guidance. Unless you have been living in a cupboard for the entirety of your working career then at some stage or another you will be asked to join in on the festive tradition known as Secret Santa, also referred to as the [...]

Message from Mark Williams – Global Lingo CEO

By |30th November, 2016|Categories: Newsletters|

First Brexit and then Trump! I don’t think anybody can argue that these are not interesting times in the global political landscape. Whether the progress of globalisation will slow down or stop is open to much debate. For a Language Services business, what we don’t want to see is a more insular world, with less cross-border communication and activity. Inward-facing strategies by countries or companies indicates a reduced willingness to engage with neighbours and [...]

Beware Donald Trump: Employees don’t leave jobs, they leave bad managers

By |21st November, 2016|Categories: Global Lingo Blog|

It’s a new era where you can no longer take anything for granted, ‘marmite – love them, or loathe them’ candidates are winning US Presidential elections, Brexit did happen and the moon has come in for a closer inspection to see just what is happening on planet earth; it’s no wonder that employees too are deciding to jump ship after only ninety days in a job but are they leaving [...]

Brexit: a Royal Prerogative? Apparently Not.

By |14th November, 2016|Categories: Global Lingo Blog|

On the 3rd of November, the British High Court ruled that the conservative government would not be able to start the procedures to leave the European Union without consulting parliament. At this news, the exchange rate between pound and dollar immediately touched its highest peak in nearly a month, passing the threshold of 1.24 and rising to close at 1.25, while the overall impact on the financial markets was positive [...]

Having it all? Women take the night shift, get paid less than men and swap flexible working for a pay cut

By |7th November, 2016|Categories: Global Lingo Blog|

After a day stuffing the washing machine with dirty laundry, wheeling the toddler around the supermarket, running the gauntlet of the school run, stuffing tea down fussy eaters’ by disguising broccoli with tomato ketchup, pulling off a UN style deal to negotiate homework first, TV second and, then whittling down the expected number of stories from five to two before persuading them to shut their eyes before 8pm;  I expect [...]

The Impact of European General Data Protection Regulation on British Companies

By |31st October, 2016|Categories: Global Lingo Blog|

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – approved last May – is the single most important change in data privacy regulation in 20 years: companies will soon have to worry about the way in which they retain and use their data. With the new Regulation (2016/679) a new season for the rights of European citizens in their relations with businesses and public administrations starts. The GDPR is a precious [...]

Put Up and Shut Up? Is Stockholm Syndrome Today’s Corporate Disease?

By |24th October, 2016|Categories: Global Lingo Blog|

U.S. Presidential candidate, Donald Trump has hooked some unlikely followers including conservative women, who haven’t been turned off yet by claims he has sexually harassed women.  One explanation proposed by both the ultra-left and mainstream conservatives is Stockholm syndrome, the condition in which a captured victim develops a bond and sympathy for his or her abusive captor. So this led me to consider whether this type of leadership is present [...]

Is it time to hire a failure?

By |10th October, 2016|Categories: Global Lingo Blog|

Now let’s be honest. Just as we wouldn’t choose to take home the runt of the litter when choosing a dog, we also wouldn’t ordinarily choose the candidate that has been fired in the past, dropped out of school or been passed over for promotion. But this is just what Regina Hartley, VP Human Resources at UPS urged businesses to do in a TED talk I came across recently. ... [...]

Should women in HR put on their lippy and wear high heels?

By |23rd September, 2016|Categories: Global Lingo Blog|

Nearly one in ten women have been told by bosses they preferred them to wear high heels whilst in the office or with clients, because it made them “more appealing”. I was saddened to hear these new findings which suggest that attitudes towards appearance are as archaic as ever. HR is heavily dominated by women and this recent report might cause some sparks of fury when we learn that almost [...]

The impact of Brexit on businesses: The legal path out of the single market

By |19th September, 2016|Categories: Global Lingo Blog|

It's been almost three months since the fateful referendum vote that established the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union. ... Continue reading