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The privacy line: Is it ok to snoop on employees’ emails?

By |19th September, 2017|Categories: Global Lingo Blog|

A recent ruling by the European Court of Human Rights sheds some new light on whether it really is acceptable for bosses to play big brother and monitor the use of workers’ private email. Privacy and technology Ok so it’s 2017 and this is the world of the smart phone. Let’s face it we have plenty of time to catch up with our personal correspondence on the way to work, at lunchtime or at [...]

Summer 2017 Newsletter

By |12th September, 2017|Categories: Newsletters|

We were honoured to be recognised in July as a Top Performer in both the Language Services and Learning and Development industries. As we strive to be a leading global provider of professional writing and language services, such validations make it worth all the effort. I am very confident that Global Lingo will receive further plaudits as we continue to grow the business! In this edition of the Newsletter the focus is on our man in Chicago, Mr Jonny Bates, [...]

Spring 2017 Newsletter

By |12th September, 2017|Categories: Newsletters|

Despite talk of a lack of business confidence in the UK, uncertainty caused by Brexit and a hung Parliament, the first two quarters of 2017 have been outstanding, with Q2 being the most successful in Global Lingo’s history. Although, like all international businesses, we are faced with the challenge of currency exchange rates, it is pleasing to see new customers choosing Global Lingo as their preferred Language Services Provider. As mentioned in my opening comments for the 2017 Winter Newsletter, we [...]

GloZone – Simplifying your experience

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What is GloZone? GloZone is our bespoke business management platform, aimed at simplifying your business needs with Global Lingo. Accessible via any web browser it allows you to submit order requests, securely upload your project files (in any format), access real time management information, and review invoices and track expenditure, using the accounting function. How does our business management platform work? Simple Ordering System Our customers require efficiency, quality, and security.  GloZone enables customers [...]

Jonny Bates, head of our new Chicago office

By |8th September, 2017|Categories: Global Lingo Blog, News|

Jonny Bates is Global Lingo’s North American Director of Sales and heads our Chicago office. He’s recently moved from Singapore so he’s getting to know the city more. From Singapore to Chicago At the beginning of 2017, I was lucky enough to be offered the chance to move from Singapore, where I had spent the last two years leading our Asia Pacific business, to head up our new US office in Chicago. Global Lingo has [...]

Don’t fake it, build it: How to boost your confidence

By |4th September, 2017|Categories: News|

Don’t fake it, build it: how to boost your confidence? Our inner doubter looks to be rearing its head again; a new survey suggests that it’s not worries over money, workloads or promotions that is stressing employees out, it’s that most people don’t feel confident. So, can we all improve our wellbeing and learn this vital skill? An article published by The World Economic Forum last month presents findings from a survey demonstrating some [...]

Prepare for the autumn Job Hunting

By |21st August, 2017|Categories: Global Lingo Blog|

Summer is notoriously long and slow for job hunters with many candidates accepting that in August they might as well put their feet up and take a break. But with the month end in sight and summer holidays coming to a close, now is a great time to get job ready and find a perfect match. Here’s some tips on how to be ready for the Autumn recruitment frenzy. Update your CV: Your CV is [...]

Global Lingo has featured in two recent surveys as a Top Performer

By |31st July, 2017|Categories: Global Lingo Blog, News|

We are really pleased to be recognised as a Top Performer in the Language Services and Learning and Development Industries In a recent analysis, Now Communications a London based B2B Marketing agency, ‘analysed the internet rankings of over 1,000 websites to produce a hot list of Learning and Development online superstars.’ Based on popularity, Global Lingo featured as number 57 in the top 100 Learning and Development companies. In addition The Association of Translation [...]

Managing at work when you are having a personal crisis

By |27th July, 2017|Categories: Global Lingo Blog|

Divorce, bereavement, ill health and stress hit even those that outwardly appear as if they have it all and glide through life without a single hiccup; yet for many that are good at concealing what is really going on, when big life moments occur to upset the status quo, it can be hard to let the barriers down and know just how much to confess to our work colleagues and bosses. Here’s some tips [...]

We feature in the Hot List of Learning and Development superstars

By |20th July, 2017|Categories: Global Lingo Blog, News|

Three years ago, Global Lingo set out to establish itself as an industry leader in supporting learning companies and their multinational customers with the localisation of complex, highly visual, and interactive training modules into a multitude of languages. Today, Global Lingo provides end-to-end localisation for industry‑leading learning companies, earning a reputation for multi-language expertise and excellence in service delivery. Global Lingo in the top 100 Learning and Development companies In a recent analysis, Now [...]