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eLearning exhibitions 2019

By |15th May, 2019|Categories: Featured, News, Newsletters|

In 2019 we are back exhibiting at a few global e-Learning events. The year kicked off in London at Learning Technologies, and we have just confirmed our return to Las Vegas for DevLearn in October. Following the success of previous years, the UK Global Lingo team exhibited again at the Learning Technologies conference in London. This is seen as Europe's leading showcase of organisational learning and the technology used to support learning at work. [...]

Language technology

By |15th May, 2019|Categories: Featured, News, Newsletters|

Global Lingo is a technology-orientated organisation. What do we mean by this? We are a company working with the latest language technologies to provide the best level of service possible at the best possible speed. How do we do this? In January 2019, our Senior Localisation Project Manager, Antonino Polizzi, transitioned into the role of Global Software Implementation and Training Manager. One project he is leading is to expand the features of our cloud-based [...]

Singapore – travel diaries

By |15th May, 2019|Categories: Featured, News, Newsletters|

The first thing to hit me was the heat, like a great wave that rolled over me as I exited through the doors of Changi Airport on what would have been a crisp September morning back home. It was only then that I fully realised the magnitude of what I was doing, and just how different Singapore was going to be from my life in the UK – at that point, the only life [...]

Glossaries – Tech series

By |2nd May, 2019|Categories: News|

Why keep glossaries? To round off our tech series, we consider the benefits of keeping glossaries and delve into what they actually are. A glossary is a list of your organisation’s key words and terms in their source language, alongside approved translations in a target language or languages. It will often contain information about the context and usage of a term, so it can be easily standardised. Glossaries are an asset for our linguists, [...]

ASR – Tech series

By |24th April, 2019|Categories: News|

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and how it is shaping the industry We continue our tech series with a look at Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), and how this technology is shaping the language industry. ASR technology uses computer-based algorithms to identify, process and convert the spoken word to written text. It is also used to identify someone’s identity through their voice, as an authentication tool (known as Automatic Voice Recognition, AVR). The technology has a [...]

Translation Memory – Tech series

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What is a Translation Memory (TM) and what are its benefits? In this first article in our “Tech series,” we focus on Translation Memory and its benefits. Most of the work carried out in the language industry is underpinned by CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools, which are essential in helping translators produce coherent and consistent translations. A Translation Memory (TM) is the database or ‘memory’ of a CAT tool, which stores segments of previously [...]