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Or take a look at some of our most recent blog posts

Remote Language Services – The Sudden Shift to eConferencing in 2020

By |18th December, 2020|Categories: News|

The Growing Importance of Remote Language Services The Global Events and Language Services Industries Pre-COVID-19 There is little argument that prior to the onset of the new coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19), face-to-face meetings and events — across all industries, from local to national to international gatherings — have had an enormous impact on the global economy. It has also seen a rapid rise in Remote Language Services. In fact, the 2018 Global Economic Significance of [...]

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How to Transcribe an Interview: Everything You Need to Know

By |3rd December, 2020|Categories: News|

Transcribing an interview can be tricky business. It’s a time-consuming process – one that requires a lot of patience and, in some instances, meticulous attention to detail. With the right preparation techniques and understanding, though, you can become a master at transcribing interviews. Here’s how… How to Transcribe an Interview: Top Tips Before You Begin 1. Define the Type of Interview Transcript Needed There are different types of transcripts available, and knowing which [...]

eConference Interpreting is on the Rise

By |18th November, 2020|Categories: News|

As the World Shifts to eConferencing Platforms, eConference Interpreting takes Centerstage Interpreting Services Provide Equitable Access to All In today's business world, interpreting services have become quite commonplace, especially for international markets. As we become increasingly more global, interpreting services allow clients, partners, and end users to communicate on a level playing field. From healthcare, finance, entertainment, and travel, to government services, insurance, training and consultation, interpreters provide equitable access to all, regardless of [...]

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