Global Lingo is proud to report its pioneering work in the field of telephone interpreting.  Telephone interpreting is usually conducted consecutively (i.e. one person speaks, pauses while the sentence is translated by the interpreter, and then continues).  While this works for telephone conversations between just a few people, it can be inconvenient for larger virtual meetings.  Consecutive telephone interpreting impedes, for example, the delivery of longer presentations.  It is also not very cost efficient, as consecutive interpreting will double the length of the call and therefore the bill too (as interpreters charge per hour of their time).

By combining its technical expertise and experience in interpreting, Global Lingo is delighted to have developed a solution: simultaneous telephone interpreting.  The service, launched to service a first client call on Monday 24th November 2008, saves participants from having to punctuate presentations with long pauses.  This facilitates much more fluent communication, akin to the simultaneous conference interpreting normally seen in UN or EU meetings.

Andrew Trotter, Managing Director of Global Lingo, explained: ‘Most companies will not offer simultaneous telephone interpreting because it is beyond their capabilities.  That is why I am so pleased with the achievements of our team to overcome the challenges.  Basically, you need to create a soundproof booth for the interpreters so they can hear and talk at the same time.  Then you need a telephony infrastructure so that everyone can hear the right language and speak in their own language without having to switch lines.  Finally, of course, you need the highly skilled interpreters who can make all this work.’

If you would like to know more about simultaneous telephone interpreting, please do not hesitate to contact us today on +44 (0)20 7870 7100 or [email protected].