The Times today reports on the ‘bloody awful’ quality of transcripts produced for the Scottish Courts Service. Stenographers are renowned for a certain insouciance to transcript quality, which in this case seems to have developed into a fully fledged lazy incompetence. Judge Roger Craik claimed to have found some 74 errors in just one transcript.

Some of the mistakes cited by the article, such as mishearing ‘libelled’ for ‘liable’ or ‘fanciful’ for the non-word ‘fanciable’, are clearly clumsy; it’s hard to think of a sentence where libelled and liable would be grammatically interchangeable. However, a mistake like phonetically transliterating Barlinnie as ‘Barrel Annie’ is really quite idly inept. As Donald Findlay QC put it, ‘I would have thought it’s not beyond the wit of man to check place names on the internet.’

Of course it isn’t, but such was the state of the transcription market when Global Lingo found it. Against this lamentable commitment to quality, Global Lingo has quickly established itself as the world’s leading provider of fluent and accurate transcripts. We tolerate no mistakes in any document, and instil in our writers a dedication to excellence. Even if our writers were unfamiliar with a place name like Barlinnie, they would have the awareness to note a Scottish prison was being discussed and immediately head somewhere like this to check. And that is to say nothing of our highly trained editors, who audio check and proofread every document.

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