News – Analysis of Obama Transcript

Barrack Obama at the G20

The Guardian today reflects on the transcript of an answer given by Barack Obama to a question at the G20 summit in London.

The transcript of the press conference was provided by Global Lingo, and has been annotated by the journalist to imagine what President Obama was thinking as he spoke. It highlights how meaning can be altered by different interpretations of transcription. Global Lingo tidies spoken language so that it reads fluently, as a strictly verbatim rendering of words can confuse the intended message and show up the speaker. As Global Lingo has previously examined, Barrack Obama is not such a fluent speaker despite his reputation as an orator. Nonetheless, speeches are meant to be heard and transcripts are meant to be read. That is why Global Lingo is committed to producing accurate and fluent transcripts of the highest quality, so that they can be read as they would have been written by the speaker.