News – Javier Bardem Misinterpreted

Oscar-winning Spanish actor Javier Bardem discovered today the perils of relying on unqualified interpreters. The boyfriend of Penelope Cruz, as the Independent points out, has been accused of calling his countrymen ‘a bunch of stupid people’ in an interview with The New York Times. Bardem was apparently replying to home-grown criticism that he had ‘sold out’ by going to Hollywood. ‘The Spanish are tough’, Bardem told the newspaper. ‘They criticise my work and say I sold out. You want to say: “Stop it – you’re a bunch of stupid people”.’ However, when his controversial remarks were reported in Spain, Bardem issued a statement claiming there had been an error in the translation. He said he ‘feels a deep respect and thanks’ towards the immense majority of Spaniards, and that he did not insult the Spanish people in the interview. This highlights the risk of working through internal bilingual staff rather than experienced professional interpreters. Global Lingo only ever uses qualified, certified and experienced professional interpreters.