News – Harriet Harman

In all the fuss today about Harriet Harman wearing a stab-proof vest in London, one unfathomably overlooked aspect of the story has been the appalling quality of the transcription on her website. Apparently, the Member of Parliament believes ‘People feel safer when there is a police presents’. We’re sure she said ‘police presence’, but this illustrates the problems homonyms pose to disreputable transcribers. It also highlights the embarrassment that can be caused by poor transcription, with several news agencies attributing the typo to the Commons leader alongside a sarcastic ‘sic’. Please don’t allow a careless transcript to make any day your April Fools’ Day. Mistakes published online are quickly reproduced around the internet, and so are best avoided for that and many other reasons. Global Lingo’s transcripts are reliably fluent, accurate and fully proofread. If you would like more information, contact us today.