News – Google Voice

Automated voicemail transcription

Today’s launch of Google Voice sees the integration of traditional phone features with an automated transcription service, which will convert users’ voicemails to text. Google Voice is based on technology from Grand Central Communications, a company acquired by Google in July 2007. It will use speech-recognition technology that Google developed for its Goog-411 telephone directory service, which can automatically transcribe voicemails into text and forward them as an email or SMS text message to a user’s inbox.

Analysts have questioned how Google Voice will fit into the Google business model, which currently depends on advertising for 97% of the group’s revenue. The transcription feature has proved popular with users, though, who find it easier to read than listen to pieces of information.

Google has warned, however, that voice‑recognition technology is still far from perfect and that the transcripts ‘may include mistakes’. Only human transcription, as perfected by Global Lingo, can guarantee high-quality, accurate and fluent transcripts.