News – Getting Greener

Global Lingo is proud to announce that it is committed to carbon offsetting the cost of all travel undertaken by its employees outside London.  For every tonne of carbon produced by our travel, we donate the corresponding amount based on Morgan Stanley’s carbon pricing to projects in developing countries that typically focus on providing new sources of renewable energy and on promoting energy-efficiency schemes.  In addition to balancing our CO2 footprint, the projects we choose must also bring social and economic benefits to the communities in which they are based and often bring health benefits from improvements to local air quality. Projects so far include the Dalisi wind farm in China and the Faxinal dos Guedes hydro-electric power plant in Brazil.

Although Global Lingo is already a very low-carbon business, we always strive to become more environmentally friendly and energy efficient.  Any activity that can be performed by our employees from home is, cutting daily travel to and from our offices.  Our office is fully furnished with energy-saving light bulbs and we are deeply conscientious about ensuring devices are not left on standby.  Where possible, we encourage our clients to send us audio recordings of meetings rather than have a writer attend onsite; we provide all the necessary recording equipment, while our commitment to high quality means standards are never sacrificed.  Of course, this also saves our clients money on travel and accommodation expenses.

And now, with carbon offsetting, as our business grows and more and more of our employees need to travel Europe and the world to attend meetings where attendance is necessary (for example, when a confidential meeting cannot be recorded or when specialist interpreters are needed), we are maintaining our efforts to keep green.

If you would like to know more about our commitment to being a carbon-neutral business, or about any of our services, please do not hesitate to contact us today.