We’ve launched a Transcription Linkedin Group specifically for people working in the industry. This includes professional transcribers working in English and other languages, as well as people using these vital services – Lawyers, Courts, Public Sector clients and a myriad of other organisations.

It’s difficult to ascertain how many professional transcribers there are in the UK and the rest of the world – mainly because it’s a hidden profession. However, it’s also one that the economy relies on heavily. We started this group to give a voice to the profession of transcription and to encourage more people to look at a career as a transcriber. The group is designed to provide help and support to transcribers, help them increase their network, friends and of course find more work.

Business and the Public Sector are relying more and more on transcription services, especially during the recession. In the downturn they’re finding that they don’t have as many internal staff to take minutes at meetings and press conferences etc. So they’ve turned to outsourcing these services, and they’ve found that this is not only more cost effective than having full time staff but also more accurate and timely, as the outsourced staff are professionals. So this is a great time to enter the industry or make the most of it if you are a seasoned professional.

Joining the group is free and easy: by just visiting this link, transcribers, transcription users and customers can instantly join the group.