As the world population expands and the available land contracts, the race to find new sustainable ways to accommodate everyone is gaining pace. Following several aborted attempts around the world including China and the USA. Iskandar Malaysia promises to break this and develop a new eco-city to neighbor Singapore.

A great boost for Singapore

Standing opposite Singapore, across the strait of Johor, is the site of a new project that its architects and developers hope will be the future of urban life in south-east Asia – a mega-city built along eco-friendly lines, with green energy and an end to the pollution that afflicts so many of Asia’s cities.

Occupying an area the size of Luxembourg, the site is expected to have a population of 3 million by 2025, living as an ultra-modern “smart metropolis”. Energy will be provided from renewable sources, transport will be publicly provided, waste will be diverted to other uses, and the city is planned by the Malaysian government as a showcase to be copied on a bigger scale across the region.

An obvious benefit to Singapore and Asia as a whole

Iskandar Malaysia should be a great boost for Singapore and the economy of South East Asia. I really hope that the rest of the world takes note that to create jobs and be sustainable is possible.

For more information see the original article in the Guardian.