It’s time to start making tracks…

After two months of constant blogging, tweeting, news reading, proof reading and press releasing, my time at Global Lingo has come to an end.

Rosie O'Connor

Joining the team as a PR and Marketing Intern, I was initially nervous of entering the social world. As an avid social media fan, I knew I loved reading other people’s blogs, following their twitters and going on their Facebook pages, but the thought of writing my own material was at first, I’ll admit, somewhat daunting.

That panic quickly vanished when I came into the office on that first November morning. I was instantly reading welcome emails from the fantastic team at Global Lingo. Their support was there from the word go, and when the first task was set – writing a press release on interns and what they can bring to a company, I felt right at home.

Since then it’s been a whirlwind of writing blogs, sending Christmas trees, reading news, tweeting news and the odd QA thrown in for good measure. Oh, and coming into the office with one purple and one black pump on – I blame winter for that one, it’s a dark few months!

Taking the internship was a risk, leaving paid employment for a 3 month internship could seem like madness to some people, but I’ve never been one for conventions. Was it a good move? Most definitely. I’ve met some fantastic people who truly love what they do, I’ve learnt that twitter moves faster than the speed of light but most importantly I’ve realised you have to make your own luck. And with 354 more LinkedIn contacts than when I entered this office, I fully intend to do so!