Some celebrities are not just a pretty face that made it in Hollywood or sold millions of records of their music. They are also fluent in languages other than English.

Whether they were born in another country, have a parent of a different nationality or they just learned another language in school, these celebrities impress with their ability to speak French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian and German.

Without further ado, be amazed:


French is by far the most chosen foreign language to learn by celebrities. Morgan Freeman, Jodie Foster, Evangeline Lilly, Vigo Mortensen and Bradley Cooper didn’t just stop at the conversational phase; they even manage to speak fluently in French.

Here is a video of Bradley Cooper talking about how he learned French while being an exchange student at the University in Aix-en-Provence. He lived with a family who only spoke French, so it was mandatory for him to be able to speak the language.


Spanish is also a top language in school curriculum of English-speaking countries. Gweneth Paltrow, Will Smith, Nelly Furtado, Tom Hiddleston, Jennifer Lopez and many others are fluent in Spanish. Most of them have learned different accents of Spanish spoken in Latin America; only Gweneth Palthrow has managed to get the European Spanish accent.

Nelly Furtado is a Canadian singer, but her parents are from the Azores Island; therefore, their native language is Portuguese. She must have inherited a passion for Romance languages, since she can speak Portuguese and Spanish. She learned Spanish while in school and she even has an album (Mi Plan) in which all the songs are in Spanish.

Here is Nelly Furtado speaking about how she learned Spanish:


Camilla Belle may not be as well-known as other names mentioned above, but she is young, she is passionate about acting and she may become a universally known actress in the near future. She was born in the US from an American father and a Brazilian mother. Even though she speaks English almost everywhere she goes, her home is more Brazilian. She is actually bilingual.

Here is a video of her speaking about her Brazilian side in Portuguese:


American actress Mila Kunis was born in the Ukraine. She moved to Los Angeles with her family when she was seven. She learned English very quickly, but she didn’t forget her mother tongue, Russian. Even though both Russian and Ukrainian were official languages in the Soviet Union when she was born, Russian prevailed among the Jewish population in Ukrainian cities.

Here she is speaking in Russian about one of her films:


Since German and English are ‘sister languages’, native English speakers have great results when learning German. Sarah Chalke, best known from her role of Eliot in the sitcom Scrubs, is one of them. She is actually trilingual, as her mother sent her to a French school and made sure she took German lessons after school. Here is a funny video of her talking about German and speaking in this language.

Congratulations to all of them for speaking other languages!

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