At the Leveson Inquiry into Media Ethics Jeremy Hunt, the Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport made a startling quote:

He said, in hindsight, he thought officials should have been present and “taking notes” at meetings with News Corp “given the number of conspiracy theories”.

Not taking minutes at a meeting?

Given the level and complexity of the meetings with interested parties in the Sky deal, you’d have thought someone taking detailed notes of the proceedings would have been a given.

If there had been detailed, independent and accurate notes taken then Mr Hunt could have saved himself and the Government a lot of trouble.

Minutes could have been given to the Leveson Inquiry to show exactly what was said and who said it. There would have been no misunderstandings or need to interpret the meanings and nuance of emails or even remember vague details of meeting.

If you’ve ever been in a meeting, of course you have, you know that taking part in it is hard enough without having to try to remember every word everyone else said. That’s why someone takes minutes after all.

Minute taking will save lots of trouble further down the line

So Mr Hunt next time you have a huge meeting where an enormous and contentious decision needs to be made, my we politely suggest calling Global Lingo and booking a professional minute taking service might be a good idea?

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