Minute-taking for the medical industry

In the US alone, there are 25 million meetings every day. Yet businesses struggle to reap the rewards of having meetings, as minutes are either badly taken or not at all.

Having accurate minutes of a medical meeting is essential to ensure that a proper record is kept of what was discussed and what the outcomes were. Having effective minutes can make sure that time spent in meetings is productive.

Need to learn more? Read on to discover what minute-taking services are, why they matter, and how we can help make sure that effective minutes are taken at your next meeting.

Taking meeting minutes

Taking minutes of any meeting can seem daunting. It is a skill that requires accuracy, being able to work quickly and under time pressure. It also requires organisational skills to follow the sometimes-chaotic flow of a meeting.

An average meeting time is between 31 and 60 minutes. Effective minute taking can make sure that time spent in meetings is recorded and acted upon.

Taking minute meetings requires the following:

  • Being familiar with and using the agenda. This serves as a guide to taking the minutes in a logical fashion.
  • Having a copy of the minutes uploaded to a laptop can help guide the process. The file uploaded should be editable.
  • Ensure that any laptop or IT device is fully charged. Meetings can run over and having enough battery time is essential.
  • Using headings and numbers. Labeling sections that correspond to the agenda makes recording the meeting easier.
  • Good listening ability. The note taker needs to be able to hear what is being said so that details are accurately recorded. Ideally, sitting at the conference table or close-by can help ensure accuracy.
  • Using a recording device can serve as a back-up to minute taking. This can be useful when meetings are particularly technical like medical meetings. Make sure that those present know the meeting is being recorded and their permission is sought before recording begins.
  • An attendance list is required. A sheet should include space for each attendee to record their attendance.
  • Details like the title of the meeting, where it is being held, the date, and why it was being held should be recorded at the top of this sheet.
  • The note taker should include their name on the sheet as well as the date and their signature.

Medical minute-taking

Medical meetings contain specific and often technical language. Taking minutes of medical meetings require the above elements as well as the following:

  • Being familiar with technical and medical terms.
  • A note taker may need to ask for things to be repeated or clarified. If the note taker hesitates to do this, they may fall behind in note-taking and the opportunity to ask a question may have passed.
  • As with all meetings, being impartial is important to make sure that notes are accurate and don’t contain any bias or opinion from the note-taker.
  • Writing should be clear and reflect the meeting’s technical content.
  • Key points and concerns should be detailed accurately.
  • Accuracy in medical meetings is the ultimate goal. Taking time afterward to go over notes and doing a spell check is important. This activity should be completed shortly after the meeting while the details are still fresh.

Looking at the record-taking of past medical meetings can be helpful. Using an existing template can streamline the process.

When the minutes are sent around to those who were present, they should follow a structure and contain the following:

  • The company name or section
  • The title of the meeting and its location, date, and time
  • Start and finish times
  • Approval of previous minutes (if applicable)
  • A record of who attended
  • If a quorum exists. Any names of those not present or who arrive early or late
  • Any unfinished business from previous meetings
  • The business on the agenda
  • Any special reports or presentations
  • Any adjournments
  • All motions and outcomes
  • Items for the next agenda and any attachments from the current one

Medical minute-taking services

We are aware that the medical and pharmaceutical industries operate under strict guidelines and regulations.

We understand that these industries require a high level of accuracy. Any mistakes could create huge problems for a company, especially in the creation of a new medicine or treatment process.

As these industries deal with the discovery, prevention, and treatment of illnesses, we ensure that our team members are fully trained to offer a service that more than meets requirements.

We do this by only giving work to tested native speakers in the required country. We also do this by only assigning note-takers who are specialists in a specific medical or pharma area. Our minute takers are specialists right across the spectrum, from oncology to radiology.

We match the most appropriate and qualified note-taker to your situation.

Our case studies detail our work in various industries, including the medical industry. They provide insights into the importance of accurate note-taking in technical situations while also highlighting how our team operated.

Privacy and data protection

Medical meetings contain sensitive information and we make sure that all of our processes abide by data protection and privacy regulations.

We use encrypted hardware for meetings both on-site and for dial-in online.

We are a certified ISO 27001 company. This means we are certified when it comes to the security of confidential information that we encounter when dealing with clients.

Our GloZone space is a dedicated area for our minute-taking service.

Professional medical minute-taking services

Whether you need remote or on-site assistance, we have minute takers that specialise in medical minute-taking. Having professional minutes taken provides a comprehensive account of your meeting and what actions are required and by whom.

You also get peace of mind knowing that accurate accounts of medical discussions can be obtained for future use.

Request a quote and discover the powerful impact minute taking can have on productivity levels in your business.

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