Marketing account managers spend too much time writing up minutes from meetings and creating contact reports when they should be concentrating on creativity, strategy and building strong relationships with their clients, says language company Global Lingo.

I used to work on the agency side of marketing and one of the best things about that job is the creative meetings.Whether they’re the internal ones or the more difficult ones with clients, the ideas and arguments come thick and fast. They’re a hotbed of creativity and can give you a great buzz, but there’s always a downside to these meetings for Account Managers, said Richard Michie, Director of Marketing for Global Lingo.

Account Managers have to somehow get all this creative lightning down into their blue note books and work out who said what, who promised what, what the budgets and deadlines are, and which parts of which concept should be taken forward. They also have to record the fact that the client hates that particular shade of blue and the fact that you need to run all concepts past at least 40 departments before it can even go the final decision maker. And all that while they are engaging in the small talk essential for a meeting, taking a lead in the discussion of the meeting and probably giving a presentation at the same time.

A better use of account manager’s time

Global Lingo think that the Account Managers’ time would be better spent on actually getting the marketing strategy over, conveying the creative concepts, giving a clear presentation and showing the clients some love and attention – instead of making sure that they capture all the points of the meeting.

Our professional minute takers aren’t actively involved in the meeting which means that they concentrate on what happening. They write all the minutes up in a nice tidy document and then email it in plenty of time to be checked over and then forward to your client, continued Richard.

Global Lingo can either send a minute taker to your meeting or create the minutes from a recording which can be simply uploaded to the company’s FTP site.

Global Lingo are a specialist Transcription, Minute taking, Translation and Interpreting company who provide a wide range of organisations with accurate records of their meetings and events as well as professional translation and interpreting services.