Lovers around the world today celebrate Valentine’s Day. Even though this day is not a holiday in most of the countries celebrating it, people don’t need official bank holidays to get romantic. Love is such a great feeling, it shouldn’t even need a special day. But having a special day to celebrate love is such a romantic way to gather creative ideas.

One such idea came from community interest company Playful Leeds. They say that even robots can be romantic. Well, at least one certainly is: the Leeds LoveBot. From 14th to 20th February, the Leeds LoveBot is asking Leeds residents to share their favourite romantic sayings – in their own words, and in their own languages – in a bid to find the real heart of this big modern city.

The initiative is part of a year-long project – March of the Robots – which began this January. March of the Robots is a city-wide project to build 10,000 robots in 2014. The LoveBot is the second of ten robots-in-residence designed to reveal things about living in Leeds.

Starting today, and during the next seven days, the Leeds LoveBot will be collecting romantic sayings via Twitter and Facebook to measure which community in Leeds is the most romantic. The first activity will be to ask people in Leeds to finish a sentence in any language that begins, ‘I love you more than…?’ To get involved, tweet @LeedsLoveBot or visit the Playful Leeds Facebook page.

‘I’m really excited to see what will happen when the Leeds LoveBot starts spreading romance messages across the city, and I’m looking forward to seeing what it tells us about ourselves, through the ways we communicate our feelings to each other.’ Leanne Buchan, creator of February’s robot-in-residence.

Global Lingo is proud to take part in this initiative. We asked our linguists to translate some love phrases and romantic sayings in more than 20 languages spoken in Leeds, English, Farsi, Italian, French, Romanian, Arabic and Urdu. To make matters even more interesting, we also asked them to share some funny chat-up lines in their native languages. Keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook to check them all.

‘Our translators have been helping to prepare LoveBot for a flood of heartfelt messages over the next week. It’s very hard for software to translate romantic phrases, because they’re often expressed colloquially from language to language, which is why we have human translators on hand to help the LoveBot make sense of it all.’ Richard Michie, Marketing & Technology Director of Global Lingo

Here is a small bit of love from our linguists:


  • English: I love you
  • French: Je t’aime
  • Italian: Ti amo
  • Spanish: Te quiero
  • German: Ich liebe dich
  • Portuguese: Amo-te
  • Romanian: Te iubesc
  • Polish: Kocham Cię
  • Dutch: Ik hou van je
  • Norwegian: Jeg elsker deg
  • Finnish: Minä rakastan sinua
  • Swedish: Jag älskar dig
  • Turkish: Seni seviyorum
  • Latvian: Es tevi mīlu