Our office in Leeds is expanding quickly so as you can imagine we’re looking to hire people. At the moment we’re looking for a full-time role in our Leeds office: Transcription Account Executive.

With the economy in the state it’s in you’d think recruiting people would be relatively easy. But unless you want to pay a recruitment consultant a hefty fee for finding a new employee it’s not.

So how about finding a job yourself?

If you’re out of work or looking like being made redundant you’d search far and wide to find a role. So, you’re obviously going to register with recruitment agents but as well as that you need to make your own opportunities.

This is where social media comes in

They say the best jobs are the ones that aren’t advertised and to an extent “They” are right. Most companies, Global Lingo included, want to recruit the best people possible without having to pay over and above for the services of a recruitment consultant.

So we use social media: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the site we use the most to find prospective employees and suppliers. The fact that it is essentially a huge collection of online CV’s makes it the perfect place to recruit people.

Complete your LinkedIn profile

Having your linked in profile complete will do a lot to improve your chances of being found and offered a job. LinkedIn even has a tool to tell you how much more of your profile needs completing. The essential things to do are ensuring your full employment history is on there; if you’re new to the job market or just graduated ensure you put all your positions on even voluntary and part-time work. If I’m looking for someone, if there’s little or no detail I just move on.

LinkedIn is not Facebook

LinkedIn is a professional social network, to get the benefit from it and land a new job, you need to treat it like that. Make sure you have a good clear photograph on your profile because people like to see the people they want to work with. Make sure it’s not from a bawdy night out and that it’s clear and portrays the type of image you want to give.

If you’re creative having a photo that shows that is fine. If you’re a bookkeeper than your photograph needs to portray the feeling of trust and security someone looking to hire a bookkeeper needs.

Get people to recommend you on LinkedIn

The British are a reserved bunch; we hate people telling us how good we are and what a great employee we were.

But if the boot’s on the other foot and you want to hire someone you want recommendations. They’re an independent view of who you are and what you do. No one should take them at face value but they’re a great indicator.

Tie in your other social networks

LinkedIn allows you to connect some of your other social networks such as Twitter and a blog. Many people treat their twitter accounts for personal use. If you do that and think that the content isn’t professional enough why not create a more professional twitter account and link that instead.

Not everyone keeps a blog but if you do keep one, link it to your profile so that an employer can see what type of person you are.

This may sound a bit of over kill, but most employers will search for you on the web anyway to find out more about you. If they can find enough information via LinkedIn it shows that you have a professional outlook. To employers these are prized skills.

Make sure you can be contacted

If I find someone on LinkedIn who is perfect for a role and I can’t contact them because they have their account set to private, I despair. If you have your account set to private either change the setting or delete your account.

Promote yourself

If you’re out of work and looking for a new job get out there and shout about it.

No longer do you have to scan the newspaper and post hundreds of applications. Update your profiles on every social media site you’re using saying you’re looking for a new role, you never know who’s reading. On your networks you’ll have people you’ve not seen for years and they may have a job that’ll suit you perfectly.

The caveat is that if you have a job and want a new one advertising the fact to your existing employer isn’t the best idea. There are ways around this using Direct Messages on Twitter and private messages on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a great site if used properly

LinkedIn is a great way to find new work, plus it’s free to use all you need to do is put the time and effort in. We’re still looking for a Transcription Account Executive in our Leeds office so if you know someone let us know.

In the meantime we’ll keep looking.