The Leeds office of Global Lingo have forged a strong relationship with the Leeds Metropolitan University. So much so that we recently employed Melanie Race before she had even graduated.

Graham Webb, Head of Business and Academic Development School of Languages at Leeds Metropolitan University, has written this guest blog for us on the work we’ve done together so far.

I’ve been teaching Spanish at Leeds Met for 20 years but, as I always tell my students, I’ve been learning it for 45 years, and I’m still learning. Languages is one of those exciting areas where there is always something extra to learn or improve and always new discoveries to make.

A student asked me some while back, if “rojo” is the Spanish for red why is red wine in Spanish “vino tinto” and not “vino rojo”? The answer is fascinating (well, to me anyway) in that when grapes are pressed to make wine the liquid is always white. If you want to make red wine you then put the red grape skins back in the liquid and it stains it red. “Tinto” means “stained” and comes from the same word root as “tincture” so really “vino tinto” means “stained wine”!

This is the kind of discovery students make when learning languages at Leeds Met, as well as learning how to translate, interpret and write and speak fluently.

All the courses at Leeds Met are designed to engage and stretch our students, to give them knowledge and develop their ability to think critically and analyse issues.

But knowledge, critical thinking and analysis are of no value unless they can be applied. So, our courses also give students the skills necessary to put to use what they have learnt in their daily lives and in their work.

Leeds Met and Global Lingo speak the same language

It’s brilliant that Global Lingo recognise how Mel Race and students like her not only develop high level language skills but can also show initiative, creativity and teamwork. These things are vital in keeping businesses like Global Lingo so vibrant, customer focused and competitive.

To maintain the highest standards Global Lingo needs the best people and we are delighted at Leeds Met that we have helped to give Mel, and many others like her, the chance to develop as a person and as a professional.

Mel got her job at Global Lingo even before she had officially graduated. She had not even had her final results. Global Lingo interviewed her, saw what she could do and employed her based on her knowledge and abilities.

So, in effect, Mel got a Graduate Job without Graduating – she’ll have to wait for the Graduation Ceremony on 23 July to get her Degree Certificate to stick on her wall!

We’re proud at Leeds Met to work in partnership with Global Lingo to ensure our language students get the best possible experience and preparation for an interesting and worthwhile career.