We recently hired Melanie Race as Translation Project Administrator directly from Leeds Metropolitan University. She has just finished her Language Studies Degree majoring in French with Business and Spanish as her electives.


We employed her before her exams were completed, in fact she’s still awaiting her final results.

We approached Leeds Metropolitan University because of their reputation for producing excellent language graduates who have great business skills as well as academic achievement.

Initially we were looking to fill intern positions in our Leeds office, but after a few weeks of Melanie being with us a full time role became available and following a full interview process she was offered the position of Translation Project Administrator.

Translating skills from University to the workplace


The role of translation project administrator requires not just language skills but also an analytical mind to ensure translation and interpreting projects are delivered on time and accurately, but also soft skills for speaking to clients and suppliers.

Melanie possesses all these skills and in a large part that is due to skills developed while on her course at Leeds Metropolitan University.

The university is working hard to ensure that students are getting full value for the courses they are taking, and Global Lingo is keen to employ graduates with great work skills, as well as translation and interpreting qualifications whilst developing links within Leeds Metropolitan University.

That’s why we agreed to allow them to come to our translation office in Leeds to interview Melanie and the rest of the team, to show a real life example of why equipping graduates with the skills to enter the workforce is vital, and to demonstrate that the approach really works, just as it did for Melanie and us.

We’re looking forward to seeing the final film in the next few weeks. We hope that is has the desired effect of getting more language students to investigate how best to use their courses to kick start a career after they graduate.